Hello and Welcome!

Hi there!

I have had this blog for quite some time and am finally making my first post!

I’m Lena from north-of-Toronto. Ontario.  This particular blog is where I intend to indulge my love of all things papercrafting!  I began scrapbooking in January 2003 and started cardmaking (on a more consistent basis, anyway!) in 2015. I have an 8-year-old daughter who loves to craft with me!  My husband is quite crafty as well and is currently into making costumes for our daughter out of EVA foam, contact cement, and a Dremel tool.

By day I’m a busy Human Resources/Finance Manager … the HR side of my job is my favourite.  I studied Psychology in university with a post-degree certification in Grief & Bereavement studies.

In addition to papercrafting, I’m a voracious knitter, spinner, and quilter.  If, during my downtime, my hands aren’t busy in paper or wool, something really isn’t right!

I have just discovered the world of challenges and thought it might be nice to use this blog to document my challenge entries.

Nice to “see” you here!

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